Kospet optimus 2gb variant

I have purchased optimus newly started using but when always on display is on
For every 3 to 4 hour interval watch becaomes in active and not responding at that time i need to restart the watch

And also watch disconnecting from the app everytime i need to scan qr code
Is there any way to connect automatic when i turned Bluetooth on

Very new to this android watches please excuse if anything is wrong

Hi and,welcome . As you are new to this have you turned on wifi and gone into settings and done the " update " . Then do a full reset of equipment

Your watch shouldnt be freezing for no reason when always on time is activated . Let me know and we will go further

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Reset one time after update
And problem starts after that
When im using do not disturbing mode on mobile
Im using watch droid app
Getting notifications but watch not vibrating any solution for that

So are you saying in watch droid app vibration for notifications is on but doesnt work

When im doing test in app its working

Unsure . When phone is not on do not disturb does it work ? Is watch standard settings on vibrate for calls etc

I got my Optimus 2G/16GB this week. It has been working well. I update the watch firmware immediately. No problem, the speaker is loud and heart rate works(need about 1 minute to read after a new reboot, subsequent heart reading is fine). I am using google fit, yesterday and after ending the google fit, I found that google services eats a lot battery, restart the watch and battery is back to normal. Battery last 1 to 1.5 days with all 4G/wifi turn off only GPS is on.

I have not installed special software except for those from the google play store.

Most users turn off google running in the background . Also switch to 3g . Watch will last much longer .
Pedometer also a killer

I’m using Google Fit on my 3GB Optimus Pro and it does not seem to be a big battery user.

I have google sync turned off as that does seem to eat the battery.
It’s under settings-more-accounts.

I’d try turning sync off and see how the battery goes.

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Even after 4th factory reset watch still getting stuck suddenly
Can you please assist on this

To turn off auto sync data, will surly save slot of battery.

battery issue later
here the main problem is watch is getting stuck dont know why
even i check firmware section to flash firmware but firmware is the previous version
i dont think whether i can install that or not.

Yes you can Flash with that firmware . Be carefull if not done before and watch our video

If its YouTube tell me the channel name once

Top left hand side of your screen there is a youtube link


Could you please confirm I need tick mark pre loader or not
Because lower of version of firmware

Will Flash tool wont work.on windows10
Anyone plz confirm
Getting error while choosing scatter file

Error : Status_scatter_file_invalid (0xC0030001)

Does the scatter file content looks correct ? Have you used 7zip for unzipping ?

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