Kospet hope ruined glass

Hello guys,

i have a record, i cracked the glass of my hope on the edge after only less of 24 hours from the delivery.

this morning when i’m trying to wear it , it slipped and went to the ground, naturally, for the murphy’s law hitting the border from 50 Cm…

so now it works but there is a crack of 3 mm near the border, not properly good to view.

So there is a manner to buy the sparepart somewhere to have it in italy?

I am an electronic technician so i think to have the capability to do the work also if i loose the warranty, no problem…

Thank you in advance for your help…

Have you tried to contact the seller ? Contacting Kospet is propably a waste of time they probably never reply to you enquiry

thank you, good idea…
i tried to write an email to after-sales@kospet.com

looking luckily in aliexpress i found this one:


that is expensive:/

the part is arrived few days ago… yes is expensive but is the only part i have found to repair my watch…
Anyway, is not like the photo, the part sent me is the touch+glass already fixed in the watch case complete with the 2 buttons, the only part is missing is the camera exetrnal glass… as soon i can i will send a photo…
maybe also some photos regarding the watch dismounted internally.

I am having same problem. Please post video of replacement of touch screen of kospet hope

My Kospet hope’s glass also cracked when accidentally I dropped it from three feet , now aliexpress seller is not answering

You know why they do not respond?
It is basically because the glass, touch panel and the screen are all one piece.
If you want it replaced it will cost around the same price as buying a new watch.


Yes @pablo11 that’s hard truth .