Kospet Hope black screen

hello unfortunately I installed a wrong watchfaces in my Kospet Hope, at power up I see only the black screen and I can not access the menu to reset it, also I can not remotely reset via Google because not connected, I can only restart and shut down, I ask for help thank you

Problem solved!Here is the procedure for those who still have not solved1) unscrew the 4 screws under the watch2) once the cover is removed, you will see the small battery3) gently disconnect the micro cable that is connected to the motherboard, the cable in question to facilitate the connection after it has a small black rubber4) once the battery has been disconnected, wait for 10 seconds5) reconnect everything6) close everything7) restart the clock8) keep the power button pressed until the menu appears (turn off, restart, save energy and finally multitasking)9) click on the multitasking icon and search for file manager tasking10) once found open it, go to the clock skin folder and delete all the contents11) go to the menu and click on Settings - Reset equipment and choose Factory reset12) the clock will restart itself, after which you will have your smartwatch restored and working perfectly

Congrats on recovering your watch. I don’t fully understand step 9 and 10. I think you refer to the Recent Task icon. On my watch I wouldn’t find the file manager task there unless I would have run it before. Is the file manager perhaps started after unplugging the battery?

Same question, if settings is in your multi task icon, just do the reset. Why all those steps ?

can you record a video? i have this issue and i don´t undersant your steps


Mar 11, 2019 20:45:40 GMT 2 Isaac_Revoltz said:

can you record a video? i have this issue and i don´t undersant your steps
1. long press the power button 
2. go to multitasking.
3. search settings and from there go to reset watch.