Kospet Brave - Some Issues... Can you Help me?

Hi folks !

I have one Brave for 3 weeks and have some issues.
I use it with a XIAOMI Pocophone F1 at android 9.

Im using FUNDO and Watch Droid at the telphone

My Bluetooth calls do not working anyway
The weather app do not works
The ringing calls on the telphone are not notified by the Watch,
The lift wrist brigth function do not working

Someone can help me ?

Grettings !


Just a head’s up.
You can’t use both fundo and watchdroid. One or the other - not both.
BT calling with Android 6 is terrible and not worth the trouble.
As for the other issues - have you tried a factory reset?
That might help by clearing things up and start fresh.
Also check for an OTA firmware update in the settings, about watch section.

Thanks so much !
BT Calling is working fine after I see your tuto on youtube, I discover that Kospet Brave works in 2 modes so you need select the mode operation, and if you select BT calls the watch notify calls but starts to be used as your BT phone…
The waether app still no works…
The wrist brigth do no works too…
I reset the clock two times…


Did you try the factory reset and check for any firmware updates?

no one can help you with Kospet Brave, you should return it if you can. I used mine for a couple of weeks and it was the worst gadget I used since HTC Touch back in 2007.
Fortunately, I accidentally dropped the damn thing on the floor and its screen broke a little so I got myself another watch.

Yeah, unfortunately it was not a good product. Kospet regrets selling this model.
The Fun OS UI is crap and the whole experience is not something I would ever want.
You would be better off contacting Kospet sales and asking if you could return it in part exchange for a better model.


The worst part is that on the paper, this was the watch of my drams. Ip68, bluetooth calling, big battery and the best part- NO camera-which seems like I’ll never get again.
And this was the best looking watch ever IMHO.
Damn shame they screwed it up

Yes I agree. The specs looked very good.
That’s why they bought the stock.
They had already committed to buying and supplying the Brave before they realised what it was like.
They learned a lot from that experience.