Keyboard issues? Letters not coming up

Hi -

I have just received the Optimus Pro in the mail and confirm I hate the latest update (Build V2.7_20190702).

I’m noticing a very nagging issue. Sometimes the “k” on the keyboard stops functioning no matter what I’m in ( messaging, browsing, etc). So as I’m typing a sentence that has the letter “k” in it, it just simply doesn’t output. I have to reboot the watch to get the “k” back working again.

I’m trying to figure out what combination of events lead to this but unable to determine. I seem to have to reboot it 2 to 3 times a day to get my “k” back.

Anybody have these problems, suggest perhaps a fix so I don’t have to reboot?

Try installing a different keyboard from the playstore . " gboard " is good . This may work ? . If not do a full factory reset . Usually works


Hey - thank you so much.

I installed gboard and it not only fixed the issues I was having but I’m enjoying this layout a lot better. Appreciate it much.

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Your welcome :+1:good news

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