Is my Optimus pro dead?

I can’t get it to charge. Or turn on. I had it on the power saving mode for a day or 2. Then I noticed the screen was black so I put it on the charger, but nothing is happening. Been on there 24 hours or more. Nothing.

Is it dead?

Try holding the power button down for 15 to 30 seconds.

Just tried that. Nothing.

I think it’s dead. Dangit.

It’s still under warranty, send it back. Also, I would try a different usb cable and put it back on the charger. Make certain the watch is well seated in the cradle when charging.

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ok, cool. I’ve tried 3 different cables, so i guess a warranty return is in order. This is handled thru the place i purchased and not thru Kospet, right?

Bad news mark , yes go through the original seller . Give the charging pins a clean also , maybe bad connection . Unlikely the battery inside has become disconnected but possible ? Would involve opening up but bad for warranty .

The cradle is really doing bad contacts, so try a different angle until it works. You can also press it gently to make contacts…


ive come across the same with my cradle, the cable is fine, but the connection to the charging pins within the cradle are atrocious. (after 1 month it takes multiple tries 4-5 to get it to start charging) my optimus was bought on the notion of the cradle being the best charging option vs all others, although after real life use case the cradle needs upgrading.


Good news! I tried another cable and concentrated on seating it correctly… I mean I did all that before too, but this time it worked. My watch charged and I’m wearing it now. But this is worrisome to me going forward.


Good news mark :+1::+1:

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TA DA!!!

(told 'ya!) LOL!:yum:

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Glad to see you “Resurrected” your watch mate…but as you said, it is a bit of a worry. I have been fortunate with my Kospet lite in that I have missed most of the problems mentioned on the forum…but it’s good to know that there is so much information being shard by the members that helps with the little annoyances.:+1: Cheers, Doons