Invicta Aviator Model 22975

A buddy of mine showed me this beautiful watch, so, of course…




Upon further review, I have revised this watch face.
Change log:
Larger Date Readout
All day text in black except SUNDAY in red like the real watch
RE-FLY IT! :arrow_right:Aviator2


@Louis_Peek Thank you looks great on my Zeblaze Thor 4 Dual just wondering if the hour and minute hands are black or white? Because they came out black on my watch.

This watch face is for Universal Launcher only, otherwise you will only see the hand shadows. The Universal Launcher police have been notified. :oncoming_police_car::oncoming_police_car:(just kidding) Really, though, you should try Universal Launcher so it will look like the GIF image I posted above. The highlights change on the hands as they move and it looks truly AWESOME!!!

@Louis_Peek Another beauty Louis! (How do you find the time with all that dish washing?! :rofl:) I’ll put it in the Piggy bank until I load Universal Launcher. Cheers, Doons

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@Louis_Peek all this time I thought my watch had the Universal Launcher and that’s all I have been downloading watch faces for Universal Launcher so that’s why some don’t work but some do. Good to know thank you. I still like it.

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Great work . Very very cool

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Thank you Mr. Tim! I love working with the animated lighting and emboss effects.

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