I need this watch face for KW88 Pro... Please Guys

Can some one provide me this one please

Here we go:

You’ll find some links in this post.


I was just going to post that! Thanks!

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Thanks a lot… You are Great… superb… I just want to know how can I make such watchface because I see ClockSkinMaker does not provide me with Animations… Which software can I use? I love making new faces and designs in PS…

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There is a program called Watchfacedesigner (WFD) You’ll find a link here in the forum.


Also you can use .gif files in WFD to give you great animations . Really fun :+1:


WDF you suggested opened nicely on my PC But then after I am really left with nothing to do or change anything on the given Templete. The software went over my head. What to do? Which files to import? Where are the watch file engines saved? Im still scratching my head… Need a light on this bro… help me…

There are some great tutorials for beginners on YouTube. You might have a look.