I need help kc08 lemfo!

I need help !
I bought a watch in China. I can not understand what this model is and how to change the firmware. In China, such watches look the same, only the names are different - mifeng, lokmat, KingWear, LEMFO.
My model is KC08, firmware - kc08_dianxin_a_v1.6_20190418
The watch is very good, I like it. Only here there is no Russian keyboard (I am from Russia), there is no Google Play, there is no map and voice control. I tried to install Google Play myself, the application does not start.
I do not know how to change the firmware and where to download the firmware for my watch. In the SIM card compartment, I found 4 contacts, which is probably for connecting to a computer, but I don’t have such a cord. What should I do. Help