How to root the X7?

I want to use Xposed, do I always need TWRP?
How can I root the X7 with 7.1.1?

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No? not possible…

yes, it should be possible to root it. You don’t need twrp in order to root it, but you will need twrp in order to install xposed. It doesn’t look like twrp is available for the x7 yet, but if you want I can port it for you

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That would be wonderful. In my optinion it should be no big difference to Lemfo and the others (even the cases seem most from the same factory)

By the way, xposed with xposed edge is nice, because you can set gestures or functions on hardware keys. On some keyboards is the enter key (swype for example, great to write fast!) not reachable, so you can put the keyboard “enter” on double-click on a back-button.

Do you had success with the root?

I’ve ported it now (ported from this version: TWRP for LEMX). I’ve also included the zipfile for rooting with magisk in the download.

Just flash it with sp flash tools in download only mode, then after booting you can use the adb-command “adb reboot recovery” to reboot into twrp, then you can transfer and install the to get root.
You know how to install xposed after that, right? Let me know how it goes and/or if something is unclear

Thank you very much. Do you tested it with your X7?

After that, update is no more, right?

I haven’t got a X7 myself so I can’t test it, but the same procedure has worked fine for both my I8 and A4.
Yes, as far as I know, it won’t take OTAs any longer

Then I will have the same problem as with my X5+, how to unroot/un-twrp to get updates again?

shouldn’t be a big problem, just flash the stock boot and recovery from here: X7 Official support thread - software and firmware support when you want to take an update

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Yep, take backup in recovery.
Flash back to stock boot and recovery.
Save backup to your computer.
Reset your X7 and take the OTA.
Flash back the TWRP recovery and patched boot and restore your backup.

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