How to root a smartwatch?

How to root lemfo lem 8 running v1.5 ?
… Please provide a step by step tutorial …the easy way.

A video if possible.


I’m assuming you have not bothered to search or look anywhere on this forum ?


I did checked the root and twrp thread…but was unable to understand.

Thanks for the quick reply :blush:

In this case it’s not a good idea…


Ohkk…I tried with kingroot also but nothing happened.

We always advise against using kingroot

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Please use English.
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Post in english here, please. Otherwise I have to delete your post.

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There are some good and detailed instructions on how to root our watches here in the forum. Even a video on our YouTube channel. We strongly advise against one-click solutions, which in most cases bring unwanted malware to the device.
Read through the instructions in peace. If you do not understand it, do not do it.

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Ohk .
Thanks for the advice mate :+1::slightly_smiling_face:.
Can you share the video link please ?

I can’t find the video, but here is the link with a detailed discription what to do:

Thanks for the help mate …:slightly_smiling_face::+1: