How to flash stock firmware on lemfo lem 8

How to flash stock firmware on lemfo lem 8 using sp flash tool ?
I was able to root and install twrp on my watch … But unknowingly, without any rom backup ,i clicked on factory reset…now my watch can only boot the logo and load twrp recovery.

I can’t help you much with the flashing issue (because I’ve forgot how to do it for now), but I can provide you a link to thread on this forum that has LEM8’s stock rom for the 1.5 version.
You need to have:

  • Rom that matches your device and its CPU
  • Scatter file for that rom


Thanks for the help man :+1::point_right:

I tried flashing the firmware but it shows error while using sp flash tool…might be because my watch is not switched off…
Any suggestions.

To use the flash tool you firstly need to load and select the partitions of the correct scatter.txt you want to flash (or unselect the ones that you don’t want) then:
1 Click on the download button
2 Turn off your watch
3 With the watch charging plate NOT connected to you PC, securely mount you watch onto the charging plate
4 Plug the charging plate into your PC
5 A note will sound and a red bar and two yellow bars will flash across the bottom of the screen
6 Watch the progress until the download finishes
7 A big tick will appear if successful
8 Unplug your watch and restart it