How to do 270° battery indicator in WFD?

Hi, please does enyone know how to do a 270° analog battery indicator in WFD?
Thanks in advance.
Regards manu

The only solution I found…


I will look into it! :clock930:

Thank you @G1NT0N1C.
I did it now with 10 (11) steps. The idea with the filter is great. I was wondering how the filter works since you helped me with the Gucci watch.
For the current watch face I decided to not use a filter, cause the battery level is a big part of the face and a filter would blur other parts of the design, too.

PS. Are you useing the patern layer from WFD to build filters or a graphic program? If yes, what size? When I zoom in to your filter images they look sharp not like the pattern from WFD.

Or would you give me permission to use your 2 pattern images?