How do I turn off the pedometer?

How do I turn off the pedometer?

I’ll pay that Andrew.

Thank you. Very useful. I’m sitting,and now?

@Kis_Csaba Don’t walk around :wink:

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Hát hallod ezek szép válaszokat adtak neked,de ennyit tudnak fogalmuk sincs róla. Bemész a settings > gesture és kiveszed a pipát a Pedometer service-től.a Screen on raising-ot is jobban jársz ha kikapcsolod.

Köszi János. Finow x5 - ről van szó. Egyszerűen nem találtam ilyen beállítási lehetőséget. :confused:

Ezek szerint nem teljesen egyforma a szoftver a KW88-al. Egy kicsit butított android van ezeken.Tedd fel a play-ről a settins search-öt hátha valahol találsz rá opciót pl. az accessibility-ben.

Köszi fent van, már mindent átnéztem. Lehet hogy mégis csak a fenti megoldás marad: Leülök. :expressionless:

Hi all, has there been any update or answer to this question?
I do not care at all about step count or any of that sort of fitness tracking. I’d rather conserve the battery, if in fact the pedometer is even draining it.

Any thoughts?
Also disable hr? Never need or use that either.

It is a drain on battery . Turn off in

Settings , gesture


Hey Tim, I only have “screen raising” option in gestures, on Optimus Pro.
I always have that feature turned off.

Is there a setting specific to pedometer?

Hi . Its always been right next to screen raise in android 7.1 ?
I dont have a optimus to try ?


Can you clarify this


Just as a quick reference for the Optimus pro.
I am on latest OTA FW update.

I believe you . Its gone ?

Try this

I just went through every setting through the app you just sent and didn’t see anything regarding pedometer.

It was a long shot . Let wait to see what @G1NT0N1C has to say , he has this watch

Cool. Well I appreciate the effort.

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I put some effort in this with my X5+ and the only way (when I remember correct) was to root, install xposed and there the module “sensors disabler”. But some sensors can´t be disabled. I already wiped the X5 for selling and so I can´t look through, but it´s ridiculously hard. But if we want it easy, we should buy an Apple Watch. :smile:

On my X7 (7.1.1) there is an option for that now.

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Alright. Well that’s encouraging. Perhaps we’ll see an update in a future update. I’ll hope, but won’t hold my breath.

Did anyone update to the latest firmware using the link Pablo provided?