Help needed with Watch Face

I’ve created a Snoopy Space watch with rotating moon, planets and stars but cannot for the life of me get the thing to run on my Kospet Hope. It resets every 40ish seconds and the minute hand will not work as does not Woodstock flying around to indicate the seconds. Would anyone be able to help please and explain where I’ve messed up?
Kind Regards
Snoopy Space Watch

That looks nice. Have you tried a “tweaked clockskin” export ?

Ok so here it goes…

  1. Woodstock second multiplier is set to “0”. Set it to “1”.
  2. Do not use “clockwise” rotation with a negative multiplier… (-10). Instead use counterclockwise rotation with a positive multiplier for your image rotations. AVOID NEGATIVE MULTIPLIERS in all of the image layers. Utilize clockwise or counterclockwise directions instead.
  3. Export as a “tweaked” skin with ALL of the boxes checked.

This is for starters. Get it to work first and then we’ll worry about rotation speeds. Try this and get back to me.:upside_down_face: