Help, my Optimus Pro is dead after a full discharge!

Dear Friends,
As indicated in the topic, my smartwatch is dead after a full discharge. No sign of life at all.
I forget to connect the phone to the charging base Yesterday night.
A small particular, I installed MTKnoLED.apk and disconnected the charging led just Yesterday in the afternoon. I changed cables and chargers with no results, the Optimus seems bricked. The 5V voltage is present in the charging base as tested with a multimeter.
Do you think I have some hope to recover it?
Thank you in advance for your suggestions.
My best regards,
Pier Andrea.

Sometimes, quite always actually, it’s difficult to find the right position to charge the watch. Clean the pins both on the watch and on the base and try to find a good contact between the two. I have to play with it myself for a couple of minutes just before finding the correct position to start the change. Consider that if your watch is fully discharged it will take a while before the screen goes on to show you’ve find the right position.
I hope it helps.


unfortunate but true, the charger is very finicky, any new releases should take this design flaw into account for future upgrades. although the charge cradle is a better implementation over the simple magnetic cord, it still needs much work to reach cohesion and parity.