HeartRateMonitor Problem

I am new here and i’m having issue with my Kospet Hope lite HeartRateMonitor cause since i bought it, it has not being working. is it possible that i am not placing it well on my wrist or is there anyway i can reset the HeartRateMonitor?

Is it actually flashing green ? You need to be more specific

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Thanks for prompt response, and yes it is flashing green but when i placed it on my wrist, the heart logo will just be beating and that is all.

A few users reported this problem which now works after the last software update . Have u updated watch ?

My optimus 2g/16gb when after each reboot, need 1-2 minutes to get the heart rate monitor reading. After 1st reading, it will be faster to get the reading.

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I have updated it and still accounting such problem.

If you have updated it , done a full reset and it still wont work you need to return it . Faulty hardware . Not much more you can do

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Mine isn’t accurate at all :frowning: