Heart rate sensor accuracy

has anyone had any luck improving the accuracy on sensor ? optimus pro. Thank you in advance.

How is it NOT accurate? Mine is!:heart:

Mine runs about 10 beats slower than it actually is. On most occasions it has me at 50 in middle of a 5k. Tried switching wrists, still persists. If I put on my finger then it’s accurate.

I have found if you have hair on your arm, shaving it where the watch sits can help. Also make sure the watch is positioned correctly and tight against the arm.


Hey John, thanks for the suggestion. The hair thing seems to have helped ! Thanks again !

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Cool that it works for you. I noted the same a few month ago. Thanks, @Jonathan_Bickel!

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All of our members will be noticed on the streets of the world with " bald patches " on there hairy arms :joy::joy::joy::joy: .


@tim_Collins Man, as long as mine detects even a faint beat…well I figure I am ahead of the game that day! :woozy_face::laughing:


After removing hair from wrist, It’s been more accurate, but its still very inaccurate when running or working out :frowning:

tighten it as best you can against your wrist, try using “Heart on top” app, i found using that app for full 24 hour monitoring and also workouts/biking/hiking/kayaking/soccer/running it works well. The stock HR monitor wouldn’t even register readings for me at times and was inaccurate.

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Hey @Mark2. Thanks for reply. I searched the play store for heart on top and can’t find. Could u tell me developer to search that way ? Thanks again !


Dev: S.Bobka

costs like 2 bucks, worth it for 24h monitoring, i sync it to my google fit. usually have every 60 or 30 min intervals, then when i climb a mountain or workout or sports i rock the 5 min intervals.

Note: Accuracy does not depend on this App. It is dependent on your sensor-type.

Yeah, was hoping that anything would make it more accurate. It still runs 10 beats lower than its supposed to be. Really appreciate the help tho. Thank you !

garmin decked out $1,300 (accurate)
kospet decked out $200 (slightly less accurate)

im still enjoying my optimus pro alot though

I think you could go much cheaper for accurate. Apple and galaxy watches I tried were spot on. I still like the Optimus, just wish it had that as well :slight_smile:

I keep mine at 5 minute intervals all the time; it doesn’t seem to affect battery usage much.

Android sensor API’s generally report the estimated accuracy of a reading in addition to the reading itself, so it’s possible that one app is accepting less accurate readings than another,

would you recommend another app that you know of which provides even better accuracy?

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Sorry, I only know about HeartOnTop.

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