Got my Thor Pro Today

Here are my way too early first impressions:

I’m used to wearing Invicta watches, so this “big” watch feels so LIGHT and almost non-existent on my wrist.

The screen is not super bright or sharp, but it’s a trade-off with that trans reflective screen. The watch faces look great in sunlight. Something to be said for that. And I love the edge to edge look, no flat tire or border around face. All watches should be this way IMHO.

It seems all these Android watches are tick slow when you have it set to turn on with a wrist turn or raise from the videos I’ve watched. And this one is no different.

I have it connected to my Pixel 2XL, notifications have worked fine, even responded to some messages on my watch.

The screen may not be bright, it is big and easy to read. Again…something to be said for that.

How do I find out what the latest and greatest firmware is? I tried a wireless update, didn’t find one that it needed.


WOW! That DOES look great! I think it would be better with one of my watch faces on it though. (JUST KIDDING!!!) :smiley:

@Mark_Williams Hi Mark, it looks a good size to me mate…although as a fellow Invicta owner I know where you are coming from on the “Weight” business! Looks easy to see in the daylight mate…an aspect that my Kospet is sadly lacking. Please put one of @Louis_Peek faces on it Mark, else we’ll never hear the end of it! (Only joking Louis! :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes::laughing:) Keep us informed of you on going impressions and evaluation of it please Mark. Cheers, Doons

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Hi Mark , it is very possible the firmware is the latest as it is a old watch . So no more OTA updates . Glad you like your watch :grin:

Congrats mate :slight_smile: what I really love about this thor pro is it has a transreflective screen, which is really visible under direct bright sunlight, even on the lowest brightness setting.

I loved my Thor Pro until it suddenly stopped turning on or charging after 3-4 months use, and the same thing happened to the Thor Pro I bought for my Dad. I sent them both back to Tom Top, and after 4 months of telling me they were being repaired in Hong Kong and then in China they promptly lost them and claimed never to have received them (conveniently when the tracking number had expired). Another 2 months later and endless emails and me showing them proof of delivery several times (make sure you take a screenshot of your tracking details if you ever have to send them back) they wont bother repairing or replacing either, that is something they lie about! They have offered me a 70% refund, which I accepted but have not yet received…I really wish they did some newer models with a transflective screen …and better batteries that don’t die after a few months usage.


i use to own one to me the best Smartwarch so far bigger screen,decent battery,nice display for outdoor ,ful round display and decent support from Zeblaze,for best result root the watch.
I want the same watch in Android 7.0 and waterproof,interchangeable bands and no camera or like the Zeblaze thor 5