Finow X7 display quality problem

Hey guys,

I ordered the finow x7 in silver at bangood.

I got it 3 days ago.

I’m angry!

1st problem. I got a black instead of silver.

2nd problem. the OLED display is wavy on one side!

It works, but that’s not nice.

I contacted bangood, but somebody else is reporting to you every time.

I would like to have a silver without display error.

Am also disappointed about finow, from the manufacturing control!

does anyone here have contact with finow or bangood, who can help with.?

Greetings Goran

That’s why I like to order on aliexpress and pay with alipay. The buyer protection is, in my opinion, better then PayPal.
Whatever, if you ordered a silver one and get a black one, you can stand on a silver one. No need to discuss about any screen problems.

open a dispute and claim a refund or a swap for a silver with your silver order slip .

if u paid with credit card ask to reverse the payment 95 % succes

i did for another product and it worked