Enel meter 2.6 Gabo's Watchface Hi all,

Enel meter 2.6 Gabo’s Watchface

Hi all,
I really appreciated the feedback I received from you all by this watchface, although it started out just for fun :slight_smile:
So I’m happy to be here with an update.
This variant, thanks to your suggestions, includes:

  • Added date with day and month with same meter/counter frame style of time.
  • Added weekday in the gap under Ampere limits, as suggested by +Juan Carlos Nieto
  • Added battery level indicator close to +/- potentiometer screw.
  • Added battery charging icon (should lit only on charging)
  • Red stripe on energy wheel now turns almost twice every 10 secs instead of once, without increasing the speed… just for a better look.

It currently supports only english months and weekdays …

Enel meter 2.6 Gabo’s Watchface

No credits at all: I started from a picture of a real counter.

Special thanks to:

  • +Juan Carlos Nieto (I can’t quote 'cause G+ doesn’t set the right person xD) for requests and suggestions,
  • @Marco_Ferreira for his awesome project WFD (Watchface Designer), because it’s fun to work with and made me save a lot of time :),
  • My friend @Alessandro_Aldini that gave me the initial idea and throw me out a challenge to create a watchface like this one, even if only for kidding LOL xD

Have fun,



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hello, since it is a zip file can you tell me how to manage it to turn it into file.watch and install it on watchmaker? thank you

@Mauro_G Please read the name of this community: Round Android Smartwatches-Custom Faces-not Wear.

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@zsolt_m ok, sorry again. it was just to understand how to use it. at least I wrote in English …:joy::joy::joy:

Oh no the document doesn’t exist anymore :frowning:. Does the maker want to reupload please ? It’s amazing looking

Thanks for this face one of my favorites