@Doonsbury Territory - Australian Time Zone Face

Having abandoned the idea of 5 Australian time zones, this face settles on the 3 standard zones…
Corrected spelling, sorry @Doonsbury !



Doonsberry Territoy LOL! Thank you!:upside_down_face:

@doubledad “Doonsberry Territory” Close enough Doubledad! Man you make me sound like the guy who discovered QLD! :laughing: When really I am just one of the tax paying slobs who live there! 3 time zones is probably the best way to go mate…from the point of better accuracy and simplicity…and speaking strictly for myself (And @Louis_Peek!) the simpler it is, the better change we got of understanding it! But seriously Doubledad, many thanks for the time & effort you put into this. Much appreciated mate! Cheers, Doons (Aka Premier of Queensland!)

@Louis_Peek Trust you Louis to pick up on the “DoonsBERRY”! :stuck_out_tongue::grinning:

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Ooops… Doonsbury it is

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@doubledad Doonsbury…Doonsberry…Gooseberry…Raspberry…all close enough Doubledad! It’s the thought that counts! :+1::laughing: If nothing else, you got @Louis_Peek thinking (:thinking:) and that can’t be a bad thing!!!:crazy_face::rofl:


@Doonsbury Or can it? :thinking: We don’t know what he’s capable of if he starts thinking. :cold_sweat: It could cause a rip in the time-space continuum…Or complete protonic reversal :exploding_head: Aaaahhhhhhh!

@Louis_Peek j/k. Just having some fun


Come on mate. Its put a prawn on the barbie. What’s this shrimp crap.

“Shrimp on the barbie” is a phrase that originated in a series of television advertisements by the Australian Tourism Commission starring Paul Hogan from 1984 through to 1990. Wikipedia