disassemble lemfo lem8

How do I disassemble the clock and gain access to motherboar

  1. find the screwdriver that came with the watch
  2. unscrew each of the four screws at the outer edge one the backside of the watch(you can let the screw holding the sim card cover stay)
  3. try removing the back cover
    If you could remove the back cover you’ll probably be able to see the motherboard, if you couldn’t get it off the go on
  4. unscrew the screw holding the sim card cover
  5. remove the sim card cover
  6. use the opening for the sim card to try to get the back cover off
    If you got the back cover of you’ll probably see the motherboard if not go on
  7. maybe it opens in the front, lift the watch up
    If the front stayed on the table you’ll probably have access to the motherboard if not go on
  8. try removing the front from the rest of the body
    If it worked, good, if not go on
  9. remove the straps
  10. try opening first the back and if it doesn’t work then the front
    If still neither of them opens I guess its not possible to open it