Citizen Eco-Drive Titanium8

I have made a Citizen Eco-Drive Titanium watchface
The right dail is an Day indicator
The left is the 24Hr dail
And the bottom dail you can see the power.

All credits going to:



Brilliant job! Thank you very much for sharing.

Thank you mate…!!!

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Great work Mr Brick . Love it :+1:

Thank you very much!!

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Very attractive watch face. Thank you @bricky_vl for sharing.

Thank’s your welcome!!!.

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@bricky_vl Nice one mate! I loaded this on to my Kospet Hope Lite (With Standard Launcher) and it works perfectly! Time, Date, Day, 24 hour dial & battery dial all showing the correct readings. Thanks for sharing this classy face! :+1: Cheers, Doons


Thanks !!! @Doonsbury
The only thing that is working different on the standard launcher is the second hand
on the standard launcher the hand is going smooth around
and on the universal launcher he is going step by step.

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Thanks looks very nice!

Thank you!!! @Sander_Bosman