can someone Please make this watchface..🙏

can someone Please make this watchface…:pray:

Of course it’s possible. Why do you ask?

lol :)~

i think someone should make this watchface

Maybe… If you add a “please” to your request…

can someone please make this watchface…

@russell_canamaque If you click the dots on the upper right side of your post, you can edit it.

@G1NT0N1C ty

@G1NT0N1C didn’t someone already request this? I said we needed to get permission from the designer, but you said something about how Diesel faces were different?

@Nicholas_Herczeg It’s an original Diesel watchface. In this case it’s ok to make a copy, but we’ll need a Diesel credit link, of course…

I can make this one.
I have some yellow left over from my previous watchface. :wink:

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@Bert_van_de_Bovenkamp Ok. I’ll spend you a tiny cup of blue- so you can mix this color. :wink:

blue and red woud be nice… pls…