Buyers guide, Help needed

Hi friends,
i need you recommendations.
I am searching for a watch around max. 250€
The watch have the following datas:

  • waterproof would be great (IP68)
  • ROM mind 16GB
  • Sports tracking with GPS and HeartRate
  • Notifications from SmartPhone (WhatsApp, Email and so on)
  • Adustable continuous heart rate
  • Connection to bluetooth Headphone (because of music during sport)
  • Battery in normal usage mind. 3days (means: 2x times per weeks sport (GPS on), 07:00 till 22:00 o’clock notifications (after 22:00 i normally switch to flightmode…))
  • connection with “relive app” would be great

I was trying Kospet Optimus:

  • IMHO good watch but…
  • no IP68 (swiming is like “russian roulette”)
  • no GPS in SportMode (no trackrecorder)
  • App (wiiwatch is in my opionion a joke)
  • Used watchdroid (much better but no tracking from step and heartrate)


  • notifications is not very good
  • no internal ROM

What do you think?
Is it worth to check the “Kospet Vision” watch?

Thanks for any suggestions from your side

for gps in sports mode look at this:

Regarding swimming, I wouldn’t go swimming with any of these watches even if some of them has IP68. I would likely choose the apple watch if I had to go swimming with a smartwatch

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Unfortunately your wish list is to ambitious for the time being including new watches coming soon . As with most things you will have to compromise . I would NEVER swim with any of these watches and they seem reulctant to intergrate gps into the fitness ( although we have a workaround ) . If you do choose a watch let me know before buying

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Yes, I was going to ask about that (The water resistant capabilities) myself Tim. I myself wouldn’t take a smart watch (Certainly not one with a sim card door) close to a glass of beer :beer:, let alone in the water! :grin: Cheers, Doons


If sweat can sometimes get in , imagine beer :joy:


Thanks fpr your answer
What do you think?
Kospet Optimus or Kospet Vision?
Does anybody has some experience with the “Vision” from Kospet

I do not need 4G
I would “only” need the bluetooth sync
But so far i did not find a smart watch (like the Optimus or the Vision) without 4G

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Maybe take a look on the Mobvoi TicWatch Pro 4G/LTE.

It’s not full android but it would suite your sport needs.

Hi . Samples of the Kospet Vision have not been sent out to the moderators at the moment . They will be sent out later this month . So we cannot compare as yet . The Kospet HOPE is a very reliable watch ?