Buy a Kospet Optimus Pro or wait

Dear people,

I’m interrested in buying a Kospet Optimus Pro. It has almost everything I’m looking for. But as it is one of the first generations of dual system watchs with the associated problems and I’ve seen reply’s where people saying new watches are coming soon. Therefore, I doubt whether I should buy it or wait for the next generation. What is your opninion? Thanks in advance!

I like mine very much. I have owned a Dominio Dm368 and a Lemfo LEM7. This one beats both and has replaceable watch bands. I put a nice ceramic watchband on it that matches the bezel and it looks beautiful. The internal antanne are awesome and the battery life is the best so far.

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you should buy Kospet Optimus pro, and then some of those new watches when they come out.


Its a tough one . The Optimus pro is a great watch but there are other great watches out soon . But that is always the case :grin:

What other watches?
Please share

There are ALLWAYS new devices in the pipeline. But we won’t talk about as long they are in progress.
Thanks for understanding.

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@G1NT0N1C took the words right out of my mouth :+1::+1:

There are ALLWAYS new devices being developed?
Wow, that’s some mind blowing stuff !
Thanks mate :slight_smile:

Yes. Some insiderinformations. Just for you.:wink:


Thank you for all the feedback! @tim_Collins if you say “soon”. Do you mean next month? This year? Or next year? I’m still doubting atm as am not be able to buy new watches every year.

Hi . As @G1NT0N1C has said we cannot pass on this infornation . Really sorry

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Ok, no problem. I was hoping you had the ability to give some sort of time window. Keep up the good work!

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Thankyou . Appreciated