Boot up problem with my Lemfo Lem 7?

I ordered Lemfo Lem 7 on Aug 5, 2018. I received my order yesterday, and after use of about 15-16 hours, the device has quality problem. It doesn’t turn on after boot up. When I boot u, it restarts but then a grayish white screen appears and device shuts down.

I tried to power off and power on as well, same result. I have done this several times. 

Is there any way to factory reset the watch? Any help would be highly appreciated

EDIT:  - this is the exact issue happening with me


contact me via hangouts with my gmail account and i’ll help you directly how to flash your watch with the latest firmware which should fix any firmware issues you have.

Hi, Sophie. Can you help with the same trouble on lemfo7??? Oleg

There’s a YT channel tutorial for flashing and the firmware should be available here. Let us know if you need other help.

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No. Thanx:+1::raised_hand_with_fingers_splayed: