Bluetooth: Headphone use,bad if watch is on the left wrist

Almost impossible to use with Bluetooth headphones if watch is on the left wrist. BT headphones have the receiver/antenna on the right side (AFAIK). Connections drops the minute left arms gets near the hip/waist or below. Tried with Bose, Plantronics and others.

My dead (waiting for new battery) Gear S2 maintained connection when worn on the left wrist without problem so this is a bit of a downer.

(I plan to do a full review of the watch asap)

Every watch i have run with has had the same problem witb bt . Watch on left wrist . Single bt earbud in right ear only . Crackling when listening to music due to poor by connection . Recently tested Kospet Hope and same results . Please note the earbud has always been a very cheap ebay option ( not apple etc ) . I will test Lem10 later .

There is this ongoing list which lists headphone connection reliability. I may try one of those that works when watch is worn on the left wrist.


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Jabra Elite Active 45e hold pretty solid connection so far when watch is on the left hand. Starts cutting out when hand is moved from the side and towards the back. Connection is less solid when watch is on the right. Starts cutting out sooner when hand is moved from the side and towards the back. Have not tested outside.

Think it is a keeper for me unless something changes. Has a voice assistant(siri,alexa,google assistant) button on the left ear piece. Wonder if I can reassign it for some other use. Tips are not adjustable so comfort can be an issue. Hooks are a bit adjustable though. Has an app that allows for customization.

So it looks like any of the newer Jabras would hold connection on the left hand.

Tested out Sony WH-1000XM3. Holds solid connection on the left hand as well. Did not test on the right hand. So newer Sony headphones probably would be good too.

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Spoke too soon. The Jabra is not usable outside with this watch. It seem to have receiver on the left side too. (cuts out badly when watch is on the right hand). Works if the left hand is raised above the hip but otherwise when just walking and swinging the hand, it cuts out non stop.So have to walk with arms in front of the hip.

No such problem when the headphone is paired/connected to my Note 9. No matter where the phone is the headphone connects with no issue.

This tells me the BT on the watch is flaky for headphones at least as far as my device is concerned.

Tried out Plantronics Backbeat Fit 2100. Fares better on the right hand compared to the Jabra. Won’t work on the left hand.

This headphone also has no connection/cutting out problems when connected to Note 9 no matter where the phone is placed both inside the house and out in the open.

@george @tim_Collins I use ear buds, true wireless BT ones and with LEM10 the connection is very strong . with zeblaze thor pro it’s much worse

edit: tested with all my 10 BT headphones, buds and headsets and all have a strong connection, how strange

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Watch is worn on which hand? Any difference wearing inside vs. out in the open field/ground?

Jabra connects good inside but out in the open it is very bad from my test.

Apparently BT needs a surface to bounce off which probably explains solid connection inside.

(May be I have a faulty watch too)

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I tried left wrist, and made sure receiver was on right ear. Maybe tighten screws on the back will improve signal?

Good idea, gotta try that and see how it goes.

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Thats what i have been using mate :wink:

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