Battery life inadequacy

My watch, in standby, ie on the table, lasts approximately 14 to dead flat. Is it possible to change the battery (this was bought for Christmas and not used Feb to June because I was hospitalised) so I cannot return it.
Is there something that is known to drain the battery in particular? I don’t have a sim card in it.

Welcome to the forum . Here we go -

Turn off pedometer
Turn off google sync ( big drain on battery )
Wifi a big drain also . Turn on when need
Close apps when finished
Turn on battery saver option

Changing the battery isnt really a option . I could get two working days from kospet hope ( when i had one ) permantly connected via bluetooth to phone .

Also wrist gesture is a big drain.

Thank you both. Apart from knowing how to close apps (not actually using any), I have followed your advice and will watch what happens. Thanks again.

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