A tricky way to reach buttons in the corner!

Short version: recorded macros!

I use xposed edge pro to record a macro that tap at this button and start the macro with a button press.

I wanted to press the voice-record button on my favorite keyboard “swype”. But it is out of reach.

So I recorded a macro in xposed Edge Pro that tabs at the point

One problem was this:

The smartwatch has only back and menu. Back cancels and menu jumps to the launcher. So I had to press the volume down in vysor to get xposed edge to save my macro.

After that it was easy

I set it to double-click that back button (the “enter” is also very useful if your enter is out of reach!)

And it works! I can start talking after double-click the back button. Multiple actions are also possible, for example “open keyboard - press button” and so on…

You will need the pro version for this.
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